Cloud services

We, Lavish Consultancy UK, make available for our esteemed base of clients pay-as-you-go cloud services for all types of platform services and storage infrastructure. The services which we extend are transparent and remain based primarily upon OpenStack technology. We believe that sky is the limit as far as extending quality cloud services remain in question. This is because we employ a robust ecosystem of management, storage and platform partner solutions.
The enterprise-class cloud solutions extended to all concerned governmental agencies and businesses can be considered as the singular choice based on parameters such as:
• Compliance
• Performance
• Efficiency
• Security
Thus, by investing in our cloud services, it will be possible to manage all sorts of complex mission-driven applications across, public, hybrid and private cloud environments.
The cloud services made available by Lavish Consultancy UK find acceptance among enterprise customers for many reasons such as translating capital enterprises into operational expenditures, minimizing the overall expenditures involved and increasing the desired level of efficiency so as to free up different types of resources. By opting for the cloud solutions, you will be able to manage your infrastructure without necessarily making the least compromise on parameters such as dependability, security and scalability.